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Planning Your Visit

Welcome to Muskoka Heritage Place

Touch the Past in Huntsville, Ontario Canada at Muskoka Heritage Place, the home of the Muskoka Museum, Muskoka Pioneer Village and the Portage Flyer Train.

The Muskoka area is famous for its natural beauty - lush forests, granite rocks, and clear lakes. Wildlife abounds. And tourism hospitality has been the number one business since the 1890s.

Muskoka Heritage Place is located just two hours north of Toronto, in the town of
Huntsville, within easy walking distance from the main street, and with convenient
access to world-class Algonquin Provincial Park, resorts, unique artisans, tasteful
restaurants, and many shops and services.

Muskoka Heritage Place is the primary historical centre in Huntsville, featuring two
museums,18 authentic pioneer buildings, and a genuine open-aired train ride, all
situated on a beautiful 90 acre site.

Depending on your interests and time constraints, your options are to visit any or all of
these venues, all in one stop, all on one property.

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a look inside of the blacksmith shop